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Cassidy began dancing at the age of 6 and quickly fell in love with the art of dance. Soon dance became an escape for her to overcome the hardships in life. She continued to study dance primarily in ballet till she joined the Greeley Central Arts Magnet program where she was exposed to the diversity and variety in dance. From that point she cared and developed a knowledge and fascination for all the forms of dance out there.

Cassidy has trained with many different dance teachers in hopes to create a well rounded appreciation for the art form. In her 13 years of dancing Cassidy has studied tap, pointe, ballet, hip hop, jazz and modern dance. She also takes interest in drawing inspiration from dance forms from around the world. Now Cassidy is attending the University of Northern Colorado to study Secondary education social studies and minor in dance. This is part of Cassidy’s lifelong peruse of learning and movement.

Roles Cassidy has performed include Candy cane lead at the Loveland dance academy the Nutcracker, Coffee lead Loveland dance academy the nutcracker, kissing doll at the Loveland dance academy the nutcracker and Chocolate lead at Loveland dance academy the nutcracker. She has also been featured in many local recitals and dance performances.

Cassidy’s goals include making a safe and inclusive dance area for everyone.  A life long learner Cassidy hopes to learn from her students as well as teach them. Dance is and will always be Cassidy's first love and she will continue to try to make dance an expecting and beautiful place for anyone interested.

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