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Tuition Investment

Payment Methods Accepted:


$25.00 Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee per dancer per season (August to June)

$45.00  for 1st Child or Class per month

$40.00 per month Additional Siblings/Classes

$50.00 for Mommy/Daddy & Me Classes- Studio Enrollment Fee only applies to child

$15.00 One Time Drop In Trial Class

Private Dance Lesson (Please contact us for pricing)

Fitness Fusion Class Pricing-

October Promo Special

$45.00 for the month

$15.00 Drop In

$65.00 for a 5-punch card pass

Multiple Family Members:


  • $45.00 for 1st Child or Class per Month
  • $40.00 for 2nd Child or Additional Classes per Month

Recital Fees:

Recital Venue Fee: $55.00  per Dancer due: NOVEMBER 1st with tuition

Costume Fee: $55.00 per class enrolled in due: APRIL 1st with tuition 

$*NCDF currently provides an annual late Spring Show for all studio dancers to participate in


*All fees are Non-Refundable

General Policies

Tuition is due by the FIRST of every month and Late as of the 5th.

  • Tuition must be paid in full BEFORE taking class.

  • A $15.00 late fee applies on the 5th of each month 

​We DO NOT PRO-RATE due to absences, vacations, etc. Students are allowed to come in for a make-up class that their same instructor offers within the month they miss class. This must be arranged with the studio prior to the make-up class.​​​​

Prices are based on 4-weeks each month.

Therefore, when there are 5-weeks, the extra week and fee applies to balance out for Holiday closures such as: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving (1-week), Spring Break (1-week), Memorial Day, and the week after Recital.

Christmas Break is Pro-Rated to $40.00 for the month of December

(Taking $5.00 off your entire monthly tuition bill)

Your monthly tuition price will always stay the same - never increasing/pro-rated. You're guaranteed the same rate each month for class tuition based on what you are enrolled in and receive a discount for December.

In the event of closure due to weather, or unforeseen circumstances that schools close or we are required to close, we follow this policy accordingly:

Dancers will be given a makeup class within the month of cancellation within their age group with the same instructor (if possible) from our regular weekly schedule to makeup with. NO cash refunds or credits will be applied as these circumstances are out of our control.

Recital and Costume Fees

  • All fees are non-refundable

  • Recital Fee is due with November tuition each year $45.00 per dancer

  • Costume fee is due with April tuition each year $45.00 per clas enrolled in

  • If your dancer is opting out of recital please email us to let us know BEFORE November 1 st

  • If dancer enrolls after November 1st, they will be given the first month of attendance to decide if they would like to participate in recital. The following month of attendance recital fee will be due with tuition 

​2 week Drop/Change Policy

  • We ask that you give us two weeks notice before you drop/change classes for the following month so that we have time and space to plan accordingly since each dancers spot is reserved and accounted for, as a small business we have the intention to keep prices affordable and we count on each and every persons tuition monthly to provide for not only the studio bills but for most of our staff this is their main income as well😊

Private Lesson Policies

  • Private lessons are treated as a scheduled class due to planning and reserving the space private lesson fees along with tuition fees are Non-refundable/ Non-reschedulable/ Non-Creditable/NO makeup option

  • *In the situation where a teacher is unable to attend the lesson and a sub is unavailable we will offer a credit/ reschedule

  • *If you have trips planned or days you are unavailable to meet during your regular scheduled time please email those dates A month prior so that they can be accounted for with scheduling, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure we have those dates to accommodate accordingly

  • All private lesson sessions are closed to spectators.

​ONE parent is allowed in the classroom during Mommy/Daddy and Me class all siblings or guests must wait in the lobby and may not come in the classroom at anytime or the drop in fee will be charged for each additional guest in the classroom.

Contact Methods and Business Hours:

Please contact us via or phone , please call or text-970.388.2252 for all studio questions and communication, please make sure to include your name and dancers name as we do not have them on file in the phone😊

  • We also have a studio facebook page-Northern Colorado Dance Fusion as well as Instagram page-nocodancefusion, where we post updates and information as well!

  • We also always encourage you to come in at drop off during your dancers class for questions and communication- sometimes confusion can happen and it’s easier to communicate via phone call or in person and we are happy to take that time with you.

  •  *Teachers and Staff will no longer respond to parents or students messages on their personal phones/emails/ messenger or social media accounts, this is not personal and in fact is a method we have implemented to ensure all communication is clear and organized.

Business hours:

Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 10:00 am and  2:00 pm to  10:00 pm

 *Wednesday’s and Weekends are excluded

*Studio Breaks-we check in occasionally but most messages will be returned after break

Please allow 1 to 2 full business days for response- most of the time we can get back sooner but this is just as a window of grace period we ask for.

You are welcome and encouraged to message us at any time on the contact methods listed above and even outside of our hours, however these hours are here so you have an idea when to expect a response.

Attendance Policies

All Studio Dancers

We encourage you to be consistent with taking class and your attendance, as mentioned above we understand things come up, but we also encourage you to stay committed to your presence in class and as recital approaches starting March till
June we ask you to be mindful of absences so that we can best support you and your fellow dancers with recital routines!

Makeup Class Policies

  • We offer makeup classes as a bonus and an upgraded privilege we like to extend to you all, we understand it is not required on our end as we fulfilled our commitment with showing up for class, however we again understand that things come up from time to time and we value you being here and our time with you, so we would like to hold space for makeup opportunities

  • Makeup classes are permitted as long as they are taken within the same month as the absence and must be taken with one of the classes their regular teacher teaches.

  • Makeup classes are NOT permitted once recital routines have began late March-June.

Drop in Policy

​Drop ins are for a ONE time class trial and are $15.00 per trial

Competition Team Dancers

​Please remember as stated in the contract you have 3 excused absences, of course we understand
illness and school/family things come up, but please remember your commitment to yourself and your team and as competition season approaches, please remember it is MANDATORY to be at class during Mid January-late May, along with rehearsals that are before competitions-if class is being held the night before a competition we ask that you be there as well.

Please see contract for complete details and policies


Each competition team dancers are enrolled in = $55.00 per month

Weekly Competiton Team/Private Lessons Rehearsals/Camps/Choreo Days are closed to spectators

A reminder for all, there will be times you have a sub, allow yourself to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow, everyone has something to teach and all of our subs are truly special and have an special gift to share, we ask that you again are mindful and consistent with coming to class even with subs.

Dress Code & Food Policies

Dress Code

One of our biggest morals and ethics will always be our dress code.
We ask that no matter your age you are courteous and respectful of our dress code for students as well as staff.

  • We DO NOT allow: Crop Tops-Bra/Sports Bra/Bandeau Tops- as a top only, Short/Tight Volleyball type shorts, we ask that all clothing and makeup is respectful as well as proper attire for class, along with proper shoes are worn for all classes. *No jeans or slip on shoes for class.

  • All Hair including bangs must be pulled back BEFORE entering class

  • Competition Teams-Please wear all black to your team rehearsals each week Fall to Spring and always have your props and shoes for every class.

We ask that dancers that need to have meals at the studio for late nights are courteous and respectful and clean up their space accordingly and are considerate of smells and sizes

Dancers that stay around in between breaks we also ask that you are courteous and appropriate with socializing, phones, conversations, music, and ask that you respect the space along with others around you.

Food Policies​

  • Outside drinks are permitted and must be left outside of the dance room.

  • Please remember that we do not allow outside food in the lobby or studios for dancers or guests.

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