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Let's Connect !

Communication is KEY to the success of our Fusion Family and is part of our core foundation!

Please allow 2 business days for response!


1224 Automation Drive Unit B, Windsor, CO


Thank you for being here!

Please contact us via email or phone…

For all studio questions and communication, please make sure to include your name and dancers name as we do not have them on file in the phone.

Connect with us on our social media accounts. This is where we post updates and information as well!

We also always encourage you to come in at drop off during your dancers class for questions and communication- sometimes confusion can happen and it’s easier to communicate via phone call or in person and we are happy to take that time with you.


Mon - Fri

9:00 am - 10 am

2:00 pm - 10 pm

* Wednesday and Weekends excluded

Studio Breaks-we check in occasionally but most messages will be returned after break

Please allow 1 to 2 full business days for response- most of the time we can get back sooner but this is just as a window of grace period we ask for.

You are welcome and encouraged to message us at any time on the contact methods listed above and even outside of our hours, however these hours are here so you have an idea when to expect a response. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and review these, your ongoing support truly means so much and we are thankful for the continued growth and opportunities we experience with you all and your families. 

We are just getting started Fusion Family… there is so much good to come and we are happy you’re here along for it all with us!!

YOU are a gift!

Thank you for being here!

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