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2022-2023 Schedule
*Tumble and Technique taught in ALL Classes

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Studio A

5:30-6:15  Minis Hip Hop Competition Team with Mrs. Carissa

6:15-7:00  7-9  yr .old Hip Hop with Mrs. Carissa *required for minis team

7:00-7:45 8 yr old- Adult  Stretch and Connect With Mrs. Carissa

7:45-8:30 8-13 year old Beginner Fundamentals of Hip Hop  With Ms. Paityn

Studio B

4:45- 5:30 4-6 yr. old Tap/ Jazz Tumble with Ms. Trinity

5:30-6:15 5-7 yr. old Pom-Cheer with Ms. Trinity

6:15-7:00 7-12 yr old Pom-Cheer  with Ms. Trinity

7:00-7:45 7-12 year old Ballet Lvl. 1 with Ms. Cassidy

7:45-8:30 Teen-Adult Int./ Adv. Ballet Technique Lvl.2 with Ms. Cassidy

8:30-9:15 Teen- Adult Dance Conditioning with Ms.Cassidy



Studio A with Carissa

6:15-7:00 Youth Intermediate/Adv. Tap/ Jazz Lvl.2

7:00-7:45 11 yrs  old -Adult Poms Prep Technique with Jazz Funk combo 


7:45-8:30 11 yrs old -Adult Hip Hop *Open Level Combo with Technique Class


8:30-9:15 Glimmer Lyrical and Jazz Competition  Team  

Studio B

4:45-5:30 3-5 yr.old Beginner Tap/Jazz/Tumble with Ms. Trinity

5:30-6:15 8-12 yr. old Beginner/Intermediate Tap/Jazz  Level. 1 *required for minis team Mrs. Katelyn

6:15-7:00 6-10 yr. old Hip Hop Lvl.1 Mrs. Katelyn


7:00-8:30 Private lessons Mrs. Katelyn



Studio B with Ms. Aria

*Just Added (Classes Begin 3/1/23)

10:30-11:15 18 months old to 3 yr old Mommy/Daddy and Me Dance plus Tumble

11:15-12:00 4 yr old to 6 yr old Intro to Dance (ballet,jazz,tap.creative movement and tumble)

Studio A  with Mrs. Katelyn

5:15- 6:00 3-5 yr old Beginner Ballet/Tap/Tumble

6:00-6:45 4-6 yr. old Intro To Dance Combo Class (Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet) 

6:45-7:30 Private lessons

7:30-8:15 8-12 year old Intro to Dance Combo Class (Hip Hop, Jazz,Ballet)

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Studio A with Carissa

5:30-6:15 5-7 yr. old Hip Hop

6:15-7:00  Glitter Hip Hop Competition Team 

7:00-7:45 Teen Intermediate/ Advanced Hip Hop Lvl.2 

7:45-8:30 9 yr. old- Teen Intermediate Jazz /Lyrical Level. 2

Studio B with Mrs. Katelyn

5:00-5:45 4-6 yr. old Ballet/Tap Lvl. 1

5:45-6:30 6-9  yr. old Ballet/Tap Lvl. 2

6:30-7:15 7-12 yr. old Ballet Level. 3

7:15-8:00  10+yr. old Pre- Pointe (Instructor Invite Only)

8:00-8:45 Teen-Adult Ballet  Pointe Level 2

8:45-9:30 Teen- Adult Jazz with Modern Lvl. 2

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Studio A with Carissa

5:00-5:45  5-7 yr. Tap/Jazz/ Tumble

5:45-6:30  9+ yr old Intermediate  Hip Hop Lvl. 2 


6:30-7:15 Production  Competition Team



Must have instructor approval for Level. 2 Classes as well as competition teams
All classes without levels as well as Level 1 Classes are open to all levels

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