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Hello my beautiful community!

My name is Carissa Gabrielle Baros, I am also the owner of Northern Colorado Dance Fusion LLC, as well as an instructor and choreographer for numerous classes and styles! I began this program 17 years ago when I began founding dance and cheer programs throughout eight cities in Colorado. In 2008-2009 I decided to make space to fulfill my childhood dream and opened my first location in Greeley  where we spent 14 beautiful years. I am very excited to continue the journey into 2023 as we expand and upgrade into Windsor!

I am also a professional dancer and choreographer signed with Go 2 Talent Agency out of Los Angeles and travel teaching master classes, judging competitions and giving motivational speeches as well as helping individuals and businesses with life coaching and support services!

Another huge part of my life is being a mother to my two beautiful daughters as well as a wife to my husband who has been alongside me since I founded my first program, which lead him to building our first studio-dance home for us!

I also enjoy mediating, creating, and connecting within and throughout my communities!


I specialize in hip hop, jazz funk, and heels, however I enjoy creating and choreographing lyrical, modern, contemporary, and tap pieces as well! 


As a dancer-teacher- and choreographer in the dance industry I have worked with today's top choreographers and have an extensive resume in training and working with industry choreographers/dancers/studios/artists, along with master class teaching and traveling leading many programs and classes all over the world, along with performing in many community events as well as in/at numerous dance industry jobs and auditions!


Teaching gratitude, self love, self worth, spirituality, and mental health is a big part of who I am as a person as well as a main part of my teachings, I believe dance was created to give us the opportunity to connect within ourselves and with others to express, heal, and unite! 

My dance journey began after my dad committed suicide and  I spent majority of my life as a self taught dancer, taking classes and workshops when and where I could, but mainly perfecting my gift in my grandma’s basement, before being invited into a competition studio. Following that I was limited on training that was available to me due to my mom being a single mom and finances, I continued to dance and cheer in high school which I was eventually diagnosed with Chrons Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Endometriosis.

Again dance became my outlet and continued to save me time and time again…leading me to my purpose and passion behind our Fusion Family…I desired to create a space where everyone can dance! Everyone is welcome! A place where special needs, all genders, all class levels, all ages, all body types, anyone and everyone- all walks of life, this is your home, a place where you can create, connect, dance, and express with so much love supporting you!

My passion to create a space that is affordable, creates opportunity,wether you want to compete, learn technique, dance for fun, or take a meditation class, we have space for whatever you desire and all levels are welcome!

My life intention is to encourage others to take a chance on themselves and to share my light while helping others find theirs, in return continuing to be lit up from the mirror that life and the people in my life are for me, and embracing who we are and our soul’s purpose! 

I truly know, believe, and live by… why not you?

You’re never too old, release the limitations, make space for the fun, and come embrace a whole lot of love!

I am excited to connect and create with you all!

Thank you for being here and allowing me to be here with you all!

Let’s dance and LIVE!!!

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